We want to make it easy to cook great tasting food, full of nutrition. We use only the best plant-based ingredients to create blends perfect for modern lifestyles. We work to develop amazing flavours, without artificial ingredients, so you can make tantalising food, effortlessly. We also want to inspire home cooking by creating tempting dishes and recipe ideas for you to try out!



Peak Blends are created using plant-based products, perfect for any diet or lifestyle. We know that a diet rich in plant-based foods is good for us, especially for our gut health. We’ve developed our product range to contain no salt, no sugar, no additives and nothing artificial. Just natural flavour and nutrition. 


We think that food should be full of mouth watering flavour and aromas. Our easy to use blends will fill your kitchen with exotic flavours and help you cook up enticing food every time. Use as a seasoning, sprinkle, dry rub, dusting, flavour for marinades or sauces, however you like. Simply add to your dishes or check out our recipes for foodie inspiration. 


Eat better, feel better, live better. We  believe this starts with quality ingredients. A balanced diet and lifestyle can boost our mental and physical wellbeing. No need for FAD diets, just great tasting food made with great ingredients. Our lean seasonings provide the flavour to perfectly support an active lifestyle and quality diet.


We hope you love our products. We want to make your food delicious and keep you coming back again and again. We will be creating lots more innovative products and trying to make better tasting food with better nutrition. Get involved and let us know what you create, what you’d like to see us do in future and what you think of our products! 


Benedict Smyth