Great Taste Award Winners 2020

We are proud to announce that Peak Blends have won two Great Taste Awards for 2020! 

We have won 1 Star Great Taste awards for our Korean Wok Spice and Pepper Pit blends. 

Hear what the judges had to say about our blends below:


This seasoning has a lively exotic aroma with a fruity, floral and earthy balance. The flavour is bright and clean in the mouth with plenty of character, There is a spicy sweetness, earthiness and oriental fragrance with a gentle touch of spicy heat. This blend would clearly be great to use in the kitchen to add excitement and vibrancy to dishes.

This is a very fresh and vibrant mix. It has a sweet aroma to it and well balanced heat.

A colorful and citrussy smelling spice mix. A warming and fresh flavour comes through on the palate – very clean. 

A versatile and friendly spice blend that would add character to many an ingredient.


This blend looks like it has plenty of character and colour. There is a smoky, spicy aroma. A good blend of earthy almost minerally herbs and a few layers of heat from lively pepper and fiery chilli. A characterful blend.

Rich looking seasoning with a strong pepper and smoke aroma. The pepper came through beautifully and was not too overpowering. 

A good pepper seasoning.

Take a look at our award winning blends here…

We have been working hard since our launch in March and are over the moon to have won two awards so early on in our journey!

Thanks to all of our loyal customers and stockists who’ve made all the work worthwhile!