A New Year is often considered as a fresh start, or a clean slate perhaps, and a time to try something different. If you’re struggling to know where to begin, look no further as we have done the research and put it into an easy guide so you’ll know all you need to about the Foodie Trends of 2022!

  1. Superfoods! – We’ve probably all heard of this term but does anyone actually know what it means?!  Essentially, certain foods have an extremely high nutrient density, so they are packed full of the good stuff, such as vitamins. Blueberries are considered a superfood because they contain antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C – they’re also are an anti-inflammatory. After many COVID lockdowns where most of us sat in front of Netflix eating popcorn, the year 2022 is set to be about looking after our health and superfoods is the way forward!
  2. Seaweed – not just the slimy stuff you find at the beach! We can all probably admit that we have too much salt in our diet. Too much salt can cause many health problems, such as heart disease. If only there was something that tasted like salt but actually gave us added benefits… Well the answer to that is seaweed. It is a natural source of iodine and when in a powder form, it can be easily added to our food. If consumed in the right amounts, it can assist with thyroid functioning and weight loss (of course paired with a healthy diet and exercise). This is certainly a growing trend for 2022.
  3. Plant-based - many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions to reduce the amount of meat in our diets and increase the number of veggies. Some of us may even vow to go veggie permanently. With this come the plant-based proteins and meals. We have already started to see its appearance in supermarkets and cafes but this year we anticipate it to get even bigger! Out with the old… in with the plants..? 
  4. Non-alcoholic alcohol – sounds like con, right? Well there is actually a market for this and it’s going nowhere.  With more alcohol beverage brands catering for those who don’t consume alcohol or wanting to provide a healthier option to their consumers, it appears that non-alcoholic drinks that look and taste like alcohol could be the new trend for 2022. Great for the ‘designated drivers’, those who’d rather avoid the ‘why aren’t you drinking’ questions and those who’d rather just not drink!
  5. CBD – the past 18 months of being in a pandemic where our lives have been turned upside down, a lot of us have probably struggled in one form or another. CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety and depression through its calming effects so we expect that CBD will be a Foodie Trend of 2022. It can be found in many health shops and various forms – CBD tea, CBD coffee as well as the pure oil. It doesn’t give the hallucinogenic effects that marijuana does, it just leaves us with all the good stuff. 
  6. Dog friendly food venues – there has been an increase in the number of cafes and restaurants allowing people to bring their beloved pet pooches with them. Some will even offer a water bowl for them so they’re not missing out on the fun! We hear all dog owners calling ‘Hallelujah’ for 2022!  
January 08, 2022 — Ben Smyth