Healthier lifestyles through better nutrition

Peak Blends®

Peak Blends® - We are all about superfoods and clever nutrition. 

What we do

We use superfoods to produce delicious nutritional ingredients, meal kits, accessories and merch, designed to supplement your active lifestyle. Add value to your daily food, drinks, shakes and smoothies with our premium, plant-based range. We want to revolutionise the old fashioned spice cupboard with a new approach to your food, drinks and daily nutrition. 

Our innovative range of products uses science-backed ingredients - absolutely no fillers or ‘wonder’ chemicals. We have decades of experience blending quality food ingredients and produce to
the highest quality standards, with full traceability.


We created Peak Blends® for Modern lifestyles. Busy, modern lives are harming our physical and mental health. It’s easier said than done to balance work, a social life, downtime, physical health and mental wellbeing. 

We believe quality nutrition leads to better health, wellbeing, performance and lifestyle. And great nutrition starts with
your ingredients. We want to make easy to use, convenient ways to get the best from your daily food and drink. 

Whether you have a dedicated fitness regime or simply want to improve your diet and nutrition, add Peak Blends® to your day. 

We’re building a premium superfoods brand to love and an awesome community of foodies, health and fitness fanatics. We hope you’ll be a part of it. 


After several years of injuries, overworking and negative lifestyle changes due to the 2020 COVID pandemic, Ben (owner of Peak Blends) decided to do something about it.

"I wanted to take a science-based approach, including DNA nutrition/health tests. The results highlighted changes I should make to improve my gut health, manage weight, prevent injury and boost my energy levels."

"I looked into my nutrition with the goal of lowering my salt intake, increasing antioxidant, iron and vitamin D levels and adding more green/cruciferous vegetables to my diet. I started looking into superfoods and other ingredients that could help. Adding these into my diet made an immediate difference. Within a few days, I felt much healthier inside and had much more energy. I use these ingredients every day, my diet is much more nutritious and also tastes better as a result."

We want to create the leading range of superfood ingredients so that everyone can improve their nutrition, health and lifestyle. That's why we strive to create delicious, multi-functional