Complete Seasoning Bundle

13 x 60g Seasoning Blend

This is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life… Welcome to your new spice cupboard! Our Complete Seasoning Bundle contains all 13 blends to revolutionise your home cooking. We’ve created sumptuous flavours, from cuisines around the world, for you to enjoy all year round.

Cook amazing healthy food with the entire range of 13 premium Seasoning Blends. Simply add to meat, plant-based proteins, vegetables, pasta, roasts, stir fry, salads, soups and sauces during prep, and enjoy.

This Seasoning Bundle contains:

  • 13 Peak Seasoning Blends - Our full range of Seasoning Blends, full of amazing flavours. 
  • Completely natural ingredients - no added salt or sugar and nothing artificial. 
  • Flavours from all around the world. Never get bored of eating healthy with a huge range of potential meals. 

Our Seasoning Bundles make it simple to quickly cook delicious food, get into shape or support your busy lifestyle.

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How To Use

Use as much as you like and however you like. We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon per serving.

Your New healthy spice cupboard

Peak Blends Bundles make it easy to revolutionise your spice cupboard and elevate your home cooking. Simply add the Seasoning Blends to dishes for amazing, natural flavour, without the need for additional salt or sugar. You can even liven up your favourite recipes with a Peak Blends flavour boost. Sprinkle and infuse your meat, fish, plant-based proteins, vegetables, pasta, salads, soups and sauces during prep. You will never get bored eating healthily with our complete bundle and the variety of flavours you can use.




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Performance Seasonings

Prep your meals with our easy to use performance seasonings. Our range is made up of classic blends and flavours from around the world. Liven up your cooking an incredible flavour boost. Simply add to your fresh ingredients whilst prepping or during cooking.

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Lifestyle Blends

We develop all of our Seaosning Blends to add maximum value to your food. That means we only use herbs, spices and plant based ingredients. No added salt or sugar, just great taste. Whatever your diet and lifestyle, optimise your nutrition with our functional ingredients.

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Create delicious dishes that you enjoy, full of nutrition. Keep it simple and give your lunches a serious flavour boost, or discover new recipes and ingredients to turbo charge your food.

Check out our recipes page for breakfast, lunch and snack inspiration.