Great Taste Award Winner

We have some exciting news – we’ve won another Great Taste Award for our El Bandito seasoning! It is great to hear that one of our all-time favourites has been recognised for its flavour. We use specialist Guajillo chillies from Mexico to keep this blend super authentic and delicious. The judges commented that the spice has a wonderful aroma and would add interest to a lot of different ingredients and we couldn’t agree more – it is perfect to be added to fajitas, Mexican hashes or even to spice up your veggies.  

great taste award 2021 logo

The Judges also commented that the seasoning has been made with ‘great finesse and a good knowledge of spices to ensure complexity, balance and flavour’, which makes us extremely proud. 

This seasoning, like all of our others, has no salt or sugar in it so you can easily make your favourite meals much healthier. Many fajita packet mixes contain a lot of sugar and salt for taste, and as you know, too isn’t good for you. Clearly, the Great Taste Award Judges think our El Bandito seasoning is perfect without any! 

El Bandito now joins our previous Great Taste Award Winners: Korean Wok Spice and Pepper Pit.

October 01, 2021 — Samuel Lawton