Top Kitchen Accessories for Healthy Eating and Prep

Healthy eating and food preparation is a whole lot easier if you have the right kit. You don’t need to break the bank either! Many kitchen accessories you can find in ‘budget friendly’ stores or online. There are so many kitchen tools and gadgets available so it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them. We’ve therefore made it quick and easy for you. Here are our top kitchen accessories for healthy eating and prep!


  1. Scales – they are a useful tool when considering portion sizes. Often packets of food give an ‘advisory’ quantity as a portion but not many people actually stick to them. Scales are very helpful for this. However, use it only as a guideline and stop using it if you start obsessing over weighing everything out - that isn’t healthy either!
  2. Non-stick frying pan – a good quality non-stick frying pan is an investment. It reduces the need for excess oils or any if the pan is good enough! They are also much easier to clean and avoid your food burning.
  3. Quality storage bowls – if meal prepping is your thing or you aim for leftovers for lunch the following day, a decent storage bowl is a must. Peak Blends will be launching a PB x B&B bowl which is perfect for this as it is suitable for microwave use, freezing and oven use (when the correct part is removed!).
  4. Quality baking trays – a simple way to make a healthy but wholesome meal is a tray bake. All your ingredients get coated in delicious spices and herbs without the need to use many pots and pans! Getting a good quality baking tray will ensure heat is distributed evenly, make it easy to clean and last a long time!
  5. Veg slicer/spiralizer – some of just eat vegetables because we know they’re good for us but they fail to get us excited. Having the veggies presented in different, or even artistic, ways can make them much more inviting. Using different slicers or a spiralizer is a great way of mixing up our veggies.
  6. Food blender – one of Peak Blends’ favourite things is a food blender. You can create so many different healthy foodie treats with it, such as homemade soup, smoothies, cooking sauces etc. You can get handheld ones and standalone blenders – both great for making homemade healthy meals.
  7. A garlic crusher – one of these will change your cooking life forever. The days of finely chopping each garlic clove individually (and almost cutting yourself as you chop too) are long gone! You can put more than one clove into the device and when you squeeze together, the garlic clove is transformed into tiny cubes for you to add to your meals! A very useful time saver!
August 01, 2021 — Samuel Lawton