Nobody likes being told what to eat, and when to eat it. So called "Superfoods" however, are something that we should all be striving to get more of into our bodies.

I'm as guilty as the next person of ordering a takeaway on a Friday night because I simply can't be bothered to cook something (greasy pizza gang rise up!). But every single Saturday after a takeaway I wake up feeling like my body is lacking something, and I've definitely eaten something that makes me feel dehydrated and grim.

Here, we're going to have a look at the rising superfoods this year in 2022, that have all been backed up by science. Because hell, I'm still going to have that Friday night takeaway like a lot of you, but at least I'll be able to make myself feel better about it in the days running up to it.

1. Kale


Kale is that one thing that just keeps popping up, no matter how many times it's been raved about. And why not? It's a brilliant source of antioxidants and several key nutrients such as manganese and vitamins C and K.

One of the best things about kale is it's high fiber content, which helps us feel fuller for longer by moving slowly through our digestive tract. This can help lead to weight loss as we're less likely to snack throughout the day.

Why not try making some kale crisps in your air fryer, and sprinkling with some of our Triple Chilli Seasoning Blend to give them a nice little kick?

2. Turmeric


Turmeric is probably one of those things you've got hiding at the back of your spice cupboard that you bought to make a curry once, but it's never seen the light of day again. This wonderful little superfood can help to reduce inflammation, improve your memory, lower the risk of some chronic diseases, and even help in the fight against free radicals (the things that contribute to you aging).

It's such an easy thing that we can get more of in our bodies, as it's super versatile and can be added to pretty much anything. Stir it into your scrambled eggs, favourite pasta dishes, and even your favourite soups. Start the day with a turmeric latte with coffee rather than just your regular one, or add to stir fried veggies or meat to give them an incredible colour and flavour boost! The possibilities are pretty much endless. Be warned though, a little goes a long way with this spice, so be careful not to over do it.

We've got some incredible blends at Peak Blends that have turmeric as one of the primary ingredients, so yeah, we've given you pretty much no excuse not to include this one in your diet.

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3. Oatmeal


One of the cheapest and easiest foods to work into your diet, oatmeal is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

It's rich in soluble fiber, antioxidants and minerals, the humblest of foods is a tank when it comes to benefiting your body. It's currently being studied for the effectiveness it has on reducing cholesterol, blood sugar and gut health.

Start your day with some overnight oats, bake them into some muffins, or even make bread with them. It's such an easy superfood to add into your daily diet without even feeling like you're changing much in your diet.

4. Seaweed


Seaweed is fast becoming one of the most talked about superfoods, and not just because of my undying love for Japanese cuisine I promise (fresh takoyaki, you'll always have my heart).

There's some serious correlation between eating seaweed and the improvement of thyroid health. The thyroid gland is responsible for the release of hormones that determine our growth, energy, reproduction and repair. So that it can do this, the thyroid needs a number of different nutrients, one of which is iodine which can be found in abundance in our Organic Seaweed Granules.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Hope is not lost, not everything that tastes good and makes us happy is bad for us!

Dark chocolate is crammed full of antioxidants as well as a decent helping of magnesium. Some studies suggest that this thing of beauty can have a positive impact on cholesterol, blood pressure and cognitive function.

Before you go rushing out to buy your chocolate though, do note that not all chocolate is created equal. Most of the stuff you'll find down the sweets aisle is full of processed sugars and oil, meaning it's not going to be rich in the cacao that makes chocolate so good for us.

Looking for chocolate that has a higher level of cacao in it is the better choice, or you can even make your own homemade chocolates with super nuts and berries, so you've got even more control over what's going into your body.

April 04, 2022 — Sam Lawton