serves - 4
Cooking time - 10 Minutes

Aglio e Olio Don Pasta, your new go-to pasta dish. Made by sautéing thinly sliced garlic then adding fresh parsley and our Don Secret Blend. A perfect combination.

Serves 4


  • 500g Spaghetti / Tagliatelle

  • 100ml Olive oil

  • 8 Garlic cloves

  • 3 tsp Don Secret Blend

  • 100g / Bunch of fresh parsley, stalks removed

  • 1 Lemon for squeezing

  • Salt

  • Black pepper


  1. Take the garlic cloves and slice very thin. 

  2. Salt a large pan of water, bring to the boil and add the pasta. Cook for 8-10 minutes, until al dente. 

  3. Whilst the pasta is cooking, take the parsley and remove the stalks. Chop through the parsley roughly a few times. 

  4. Drain the pasta, remembering to keep some of the pasta water to one side. 

  5. Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. 

  6. Add the garlic and stir until the garlic slices start to brown. 

  7. Add salt, pepper and Don Secret Blend. Stir for a minute. 

  8. Add the chopped parsley and the pasta water, stir for 30 secs. 

  9. Add the pasta and toss/stir through until the pasta is evenly coated. Squeeze in the juice from one lemon and stir in. 

  10. Remove the pan from the heat and check for flavour (Add more salt if desired). 

  11. Garnish with parmesan, serve your Aglio e Olio Don Pasta. Enjoy! 

November 08, 2021 — Ben Smyth

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