Grilling Meal Prep Bundle

6 x 60g Seasoning Blend

1 x Peak Blends Meal Prep Bowl

The Meat lovers (Or meaty flavours) Kit! The BBQ Meal Prep Kit is packed with some of our most loved BBQ Seasoning Blends and our fully microwavable glass lunch bowl. All blends use only natural ingredients with no added salt or sugar. Great for coating meats, plant-based proteins and vegetables. 

Create healthy, delicious food with 6 amazing Seasoning Blends and eat well on the go, using the premium Lunch bowl. 

This Meal Prep Kit contains:

  • 6 X Peak Seasoning Blends - Our pick of BBQ seasonings, full of clean, natural ingredients. 
  • Peak Blends Lunch Bowl - Store your meals and take them with you. 

Our Meal Prep Kits make it simple whether you're looking to cook delicious food, get into shape or support your busy lifestyle.

How To Use

Use as much as you like and however you like. We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon per serving.

Meaty Flavours Prep kit

Our Meal Prep Kits make it easy to revolutionise your healthy eating. These seasonings are perfect for meaty flavoured meals, steaks, lean meats, eggs, summer BBQs, vegan dishes, fish and grilled veg. Sprinkle and infuse with your choice of fresh, smokey, hot, bold flavours during your prep and enjoy. Use the NEW premium Glass Lunch Bowl to store your meals and take them with you when you're on the go. Perfect for storing and reheating your healthy meals at work or out exploring.

Elevate your meal prep game



a man preparing food with a peak blends jamaican jerk in the foreground


Expertly prep your meals with our performance seasonings, blended full of natural nutrition and easy to use. Simply add to your fresh ingredients and cook for healthy, delicious meals.

peak blends meal prep bowl filled with healthy prepped noodles


Our premium glass lunch bowls are the perfect healthy eating accessory. Designed for precise portion control and built to keep your food fresh on the go. Fully microwavable and freezer safe.


Create delicious dishes that you enjoy, full of nutrition. Keep it simple and give your lunches a serious flavour boost, or discover new recipes and ingredients to turbo charge your food.

Check out our recipes page for breakfast, lunch and snack inspiration.